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All year round we free feed Redmond minerals and diatomaceous earth together. 

Diatomaceous earth has been found to help digestion and stomach health, coat and skin health, as well as parasites in the intestines. 

Our herd consists of around thirty-three head of cattle, which is not a lot, but makes the farm manageable for us as we continue to work outside of it as well.

Broken Earth Farms consists of three siblings and their dad trying to bring health to the table of the families in our community.

Scott (Dad, 56) Purchased about ten cows many years ago before we had a deeper understanding of what we put into our bodies truly effects us. These cows were fed the traditional feed consisting of corn and hay, but were the kickstart to our farm.

As time went on we became more aware of the food industry and what we were feeding our animals, and became grass-fed and finished.

In 2015 we decided to make our beef available to everyone else. Thus, Broken Earth began.

Sunni, (now 23), and Olivia (now 20) Went to farmers markets every Saturday in Weston, Wausau, and in winter, Stevens Point, while Noah (now 18) would work on our equipment and implements as needed, as well as helping with field work.

Our beef breed is mixed, and we strive for betterment every year. 

Currently they are an Angus - Simmental cross, and the 2020 calving year will bring us our first Angus - Simmental - Red Devon calves. We are very excited about this as Red Devon are a great addition to any grass-fed herd. They thrive on a grass-fed grass-finished diet, and are very hardy cows.

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The Farm

What is our mission at Broken Earth?

This is a question we mulled over when we decided to turn our small farm into a business in 2015.

We wanted to give people an opportunity to have clean beef they could trust to feed themselves, and the people they care about. 

We wanted our cows to be treated with respect and love, throughout their entire lives, and given the best life we can offer them.

Our cows are grass-fed, grass-finished, which means no soy or corn, ever! 

Throughout summer and early fall, the cows are rotationally grazed on acres of pastureland in a diverse area. They have woods, two ponds (and a watering trough) meadows, and an apple orchard to spend their time munching away on whatever they please, including wild nettle and apples from the orchard.

As winter settles in the cows like to stay closer to the barn, where they are fed alfalfa hay from our own fields that we cut, rake, dry, and bale as a family every year.



178545 Pine View RD

Birnamwod WI,



Sunni: 715-574-5671

Olivia: 715-551-8384

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